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A Day in the Life: Pet Edition | Moncton Documentary Family Photographer

It’s Friday and we could all use a little dose of cute! Audrey and Etienne are new puppy parents to Indiana, a fluffy Samoyed.  They were keen to document this special time so that their friends and family in France could share in their excitement- and I was the lucky girl who got that gig. (Pinch me: […]

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Black Family- Half-Day in the Life | Sackville Family Photographer

You may remember Stacie, a fellow photographer, from this post. When I announced that I was going to offer documentary-style family sessions, she was super excited and booked her family’s summer shoot several months out. When August rolled around,  more health struggles, unfinished renovations and her hectic summer schedule almost made her reconsider, but I’m so glad we still […]

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Jenna & Jamey | Moncton Wedding Photographer

Excuse me while I get all emotional up in here. I’m kind of a sucker for happy endings: especially when my friends are involved. While it took some time for Jenna and Jamey to find their happy ending, but I think that only made it happier. Listening to their deeply personal ceremony – one of the most […]

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Day in the Life – Leger Family | Moncton Documentary Photographer

I get to meet and photograph many sweet, fun and interesting families. Until recently, though, I’ve never felt in my element when doing so. Like I couldn’t find my groove. It’s partly that the whole traditional approach never really inspired me. Even my candid spin on portraits seemed to leave me feeling a little underwhelmed. […]

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Mélanie Daigle, Author | Moncton Portrait Photographer

Female Author Headshot

On occasion, I shoot headshots for local businesses. I love photographing creative entrepreneurs, especially, because they are often looking for natural photos. If you are a regular around here, you’ve probably noticed that ‘real’ is a pretty big part of my shooting style, so those requests really get me excited. If you are looking to […]

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