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You can roll your eyes at resolutions, I sure do. That said, I still make them and try hard to keep them. So, while this is a little bit of a self-indulgent post, I hope this will encourage you- my dear bloggies- to do try and be better to yourselves and others in 2015. Here’s what I will be focusing on in the new year:


1. Stop being a bad vegetarian.

Really. I need to get it together and actually make an effort to plan meals. For months, I’ve inhaled every carb in sight and although it’s delicious: nothing good can come of it. Time to get back on track with healthy and clean eating. This will also includes a solid effort to only eat out once a week.

2. Talk French

It’s my first language and frankly, after almost 8 years of cohabitation, mon chéri has not learned nearly as much as I would have hoped. Apparently, I’m partially responsible for this lack of frenchification. So, I’ve decided that for 2 days each week, I’ll speak to him only in French. It’s going to be a struggle to communicate, but I’m hoping that with my help, he will make some progrès.

3. Exercise

Seems pretty basic, right? Well, not for me. I’ve never actually had a routine, just many excuses and a decent metabolism. That stops this year. I’m heading back to yoga and joining the gym. The plan is to schedule some active me-time 5 days a week come hell or high water.


1. Get a system

Summer 2015 is going to be my busiest season yet with almost 20 weddings on the books and our own wedding in September. While I’m proud and grateful for the opportunities and adventures ahead, I also hope to still deliver the same level of service to my clients. For that to be possible, it’s now become really important to systemize my workflow to make sure that no balls are dropped. Time to get organized and create systems to make everything more efficient.

2. Start Dreaming- again

What I’m doing now was the dream but I sometimes feel like I’ve had my head down and not really given enough thought to what comes next. How do I grow from here? What’s the next dream? What will my business look like in the coming years? This year, I will make time to dream, risk and make more awesome things happen.

3. Blog once a week

I have a million ideas for blog posts but always seem to fall off the posting wagon when I get busy. This is my reminder to get on a regular schedule and plan posts in advance.











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