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I get to meet and photograph many sweet, fun and interesting families. Until recently, though, I’ve never felt in my element when doing so. Like I couldn’t find my groove. It’s partly that the whole traditional approach never really inspired me. Even my candid spin on portraits seemed to leave me feeling a little underwhelmed. That’s why I’ve decided to no longer offer those kinds of sessions.

From now on, when I photograph families, I’ll be shooting documentary style portraits exclusively- as either full or half-day shoots.  That’s where my heart is. Those are the kind of photos I would want of my kids one day and the ones I want to make of your family. This quote by Gretchen Rubin sums up why: “the days are long, but the years are short”.

Meet the Legers and check out what a full day session can look like below. Make sure that you scroll to the bottom of the post to hear what they had to say about their experience, too. If you always want to remember the moments that make up your beautiful life, book your session soon!

From the Leger’s:

Caro, we are so thrilled with the memories you’ve captured for us. We’ll look back on these photos and be able to remember what a typical day was like in the summer of 2014, when the girls had turned 3 and 1. Now, we can always remember how Charlie had a serious attachment to that black and white dress or how Olive’s favorite playing spot was under the kitchen table.  This “day in the life” photoshoot is absolutely priceless for us, especially because it’s so easy to forget those little things. Having you  follow us around stealthily and catch all of these details of our crazy day to day life- from breakfast to bedtime-  will be something we’ll cherish forever! Thank you!!!  To say we LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos would be a total understatement.

xoxo Sophie and Laurent


For clients who have purchased gift certificates expecting one of my ‘regular shoots’, don’t worry. Those will be honoured.








Thanks Christy! Sophie is the best treasure-hunter I know. Their home is filled with awesome things and great style!

Great pictures of a lovely family. They have such a beautiful home, too.


:) They are definitely a smile-worthy family, thanks Denise!

Denise Rowe

These are totally fantastic!!!!! Grinned through the whole day.


Thanks Rachel. :)

WOW!!! These images are so fantastic! So much better than the typical posed family pictures. My favourite is the one of the dad sleeping and the little girl smirking at the camera in that big comfy bed.
Great job!!


Hi Shannon!
Glad you like these Shannon! Sent you an email. :)
See you at the studio soon. xo


Hi Caro – this shoot makes my heart melt. Wonderful job. You are so talented and inspiring :)

Would you let me know what one of these sessions would run cost wise?


PS – we miss you at the studio!


Thanks Tiffany! :)

Tiffany Bowron

I love this soooooo much! Sophie you have a beautiful family! This is brilliant Caro!

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