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Isabelle | Moncton Boudoir Photographer

Moncton Boudoir Photographer | Caro Photo

Last winter, during a slow week, I put together this shoot just for fun. It’s rather comical that it has been sitting on the back-burner since then, unedited, but I certainly won’t complain about a busy Summer and Fall! Isabelle was a perfect choice for this session. I wanted someone comfortable with the idea of posing […]

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Stacie | Moncton Boudoir Photographer

While my job usually entails me showing up and capturing happy moments as they unfold, once in a while, people come to me to temporarily escape their reality.  Stacie had a such request: she wanted to document her fight with Breast Cancer through beauty and boudoir photographs. I find myself humbled by these few occasions where […]

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Katie | Moncton Boudoir Photographer

Once in a while, a boudoir session is about a lot more than just photographs. It’s about (finally) being able to look at your body with the love and acceptance that it deserves. Katie: I know you came to me to celebrate so much more than your upcoming wedding. I appreciate your trust and am […]

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Sarah | Moncton Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir with sexy sweater

I’m so glad that Sarah gave me permission to share these boudoir photos with you because she brought along a fantastic mix of outfits to her session. I’ve said this before, but anything that makes you FEEL great is a good choice, no matter what it is. A comfy slouchy sweater (love!) or your man’s favourite plaid […]

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Stephanie | Moncton Boudoir Photographer

boudoir tattoos

Stephanie has modeled before, but I asked her to step out of her Rockabilly/Alternative comfort zone to pose for some traditional boudoir. I was very excited to be able to do a session with someone who has such a unique look. We had a great time shooting her softer side and showcasing her incredible tattoos. […]

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