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We are kicking off the All About Boudoir Series today with Part 1: Boudoir Inspiration. 

Why? Questions and inquiries about boudoir and beauty photography have been pouring in recently and I LOVE IT!  I know a lot of you are toying with the idea of booking a session. I’m also pretty sure that you have a million questions, apprehensions and thoughts about why you could/should/might do it. So, in the spirit giving you a little push in the right direction, I’ve put together a blog series that offers insight into this wonderful experience.  There is truly no better gift to give to yourself of someone you love. Look out for these topics and more in the coming weeks!

  • TODAY: Getting inspired: what exactly is Boudoir & Beauty?
  • Common fears, misconceptions and FAQ’s about Boudoir.
  • Getting the most from your session: How to prep/what to bring/what to expect.


What exactly is Boudoir?

Most people automatically assume the worst when they hear the “B” word. I can’t say I blame you. There are more than a few sketchy ‘boudoir’ photographers trolling Kijiji and enough cheesy/tacky photos on the internet to make you write- off the idea for good. Please don’t: you’ll be missing out on a once if a lifetime experience.
Boudoir sessions are always different and tailored to the woman in front of me. Her concerns, her comfort level, her playfulness and definition of ‘sexy’ set the tone for the shoot. It is all about collaboration. So don’t assume that you need to do anything specific or follow a formula. You don’t need to pose in lingerie or do anything else that does not work for you. We will figure out together what flatters your body, fits your lifestyle and what you are looking to get from the session. Most of my collections come with a one-on-one consultation where we discuss all these things long before I even pick up the camera.

My approach for boudoir photographs is rooted in simplicity. Real women captured with a classy and sensual fine art-twist. Given that much of my work remains private, I’ll  invite you to visit the Caro Photo Boudoir Pinterest Board. I’ve gathered photos that speak to me, poses that I find appealing, lighting that I love and a variety of wardrobe alternatives typically used during boudoir shoots. We will cover ‘what to wear’ in a later post in more detail, but this is just to open your mind to what a Boudoir session and the end products can look like.

What exactly is Beauty?

Generally, clients who feel more comfortable with less overtly sexy images consider a beauty shoot as a more modest alternative to boudoir. These sessions are less about photographing the whole body and more about unleashing your inner cover girl- think stunning head-shots. You still get the same pampering treatment (hair+ makeup), but get photos that you would be comfortable sharing with your friends and even your family. I love offering beauty sessions since they has a similar effect to boudoir: helping women take time for themselves, feel good and reconnect with their inner gorgeousness. Let’s face it: everyday life has a way of zapping that out of us! Follow the Caro Photo Beauty Board on Pinterest for some ideas.

Today, I simply wanted to open the discussion and introduce the topic before diving too deep. Are you with me? What are your questions? Your concerns and hesitations about these sorts of sessions?  Share them with me via my contact page and I’ll try and work the answers into my posts. Don’t worry, your name will not be shared. Promise.

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